Sometimes its hard to believe,"Does something like this even exist?".. I gave one such expression when I went for my eye check up last year...
I always get my eyes checked every year and  I always do it in that particular optical shop in Chennai from the day I started wearing my spectacles.Last year during my vacation. I was in my in-laws place and they suggested me to check my eyes at  "Aravind Eye care".. I was so reluctant initially. But still went to that hospital. It was abt 45mins drive from our house. My first impression was, I could breathe some fresh air..The hospital was completely covered with garden and  it had a great ambiance. It made me  comfortable. After my enrollment the eye check up started with an eye drop . I was asked to wait for 15mins for my pupils to dilate followed by the usual  vision check up.Later a glaucoma check up(though this is usually not required) followed by a doctor's check up and finally a new pair of lens and spectacles. All this was completed within  two hours and  it cost me just Rs1400/-. Usually my lens alone costs Rs1500/-. Everything got over in a span of 3hours and I came home with a great satisfaction. Everything is updated in the system and it was more like I was in some hospital in USA..The hospital is very systematic and simple too. My opinion about this hospital is affordability and  good health care are  available at this place. More is explained in the TED talk by Mr.Thulasiraj Ravilla..I am lil poor in technicality .. So for profile details of Thulasiraj Ravilla click here..

Forgot to mention.. There is enough amount of dedication and care towards the patient and trust me there is no yelling at patient in this hospital..


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