My intention was to make a snow man.. But I could not coz of the lil snow and more ice... But then changed my mind and with Hari's help could make my fav Sid - the fire king....  :)
The painting part was lil clumsy.. We couldn't take the paint out of the bottle either without dripping or freezing.. Both happened..
The temperature raised from negative to single digits, so there is a massive meltdown on the roof top of my apartment..Lots of cone shaped ice crystals hanging all over the roof top.. Each have a different shape and sharpness.. My house roof looks like a crystal cone ...
The Meltdown 15/12/2009
After a heavy snow storm,its time for the melting of snow... These ice crystals like was on my building roof...
Measurement!!! 08/12/2009
Snow accumulation in our deck. I started this clicking using a chop stick as my measurement stick, at 3:30pm and kept clicking till 6pm. After it, the visibility was very poor and my camera did not cooperate.. Its still snowing and about 8-14inches of snow is expected tonight. Tomorrow morning I am going to measure again with the same stick...
Imprint 08/12/2009
There was a car in that parking lot which left its impression very strongly ;)
Last year this time, it was snowing crazy. This year till yesterday, it was sunny nice fall weather. And finally some flurries and some white roads..
Winter-Preview 17/09/2009
Winter is on its way... So here's a preview
Winter 28/08/2009