Our fiirst macro shots.. Learning to play with it more... Heeeeeeeeeeeehaw....


23/06/2010 11:14:53 pm

I love macro shot as well, still in the learning stage, though :) This is a good shot, esp. the 3rd photo :)


24/06/2010 5:15:24 am

NIce shots... hav to improve focus...

btw hw much the macro lens costs??



24/06/2010 6:48:25 am


Thanks for the comment :).Welcome to Photoblog.This is the first time I am actually trying to take macro shots.

Thanks. Will take all ur comments into consideration and will try to implement in my coming photos.


24/06/2010 12:34:37 pm

The first two are excellent shots! Macro of flowers always looks good which taken from that angle. Which is why the third shot fails but it could have been better with a shallower depth of field. Me too learning how to take Macro shots :)


26/06/2010 9:06:12 am

the firts?congrats


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