Butterfly 07/13/2010
Knitting the butterfly idea came when I took loads of pictures of Butterflies when I visited Reiman Gardens recently.I started searching for patterns and landed here. The pattern was a butterfly puppet pattern. But tried to do something little different from the actual pattern.
Firstly, I choose a bigger needle (9mm) and started following the pattern as in the original. Finally for the wings, I choose the lower wing pattern along and used a 4mm needle. The final look of the butterfly was something like this,below.
For the original pattern,please click here.

But for the butterfly above, the pattern goes something like this.

Row 1: Cast on 6 sts in the body color , join and knit 1 row (This is the tip of the head)
Row 2: kfb across - 12 sts
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Kfb across- 24sts
Row 5-8: Knit
Row 9: *K2, K2tog* the entire row - 18 sts
Row 10 : Knit
Row 11: K2 tog - 9sts
Row 12 : Knit (This is neck portion **)
Row 13 : Kfb across - 18sts
Row 14: Knit
Row 15: * K2, Kfb*  across - 24sts
Row 16-19 : Knit
Row 20-30: K2,P2 the entire row
Cut the thread at the end of Row 30. Using a needle pull the loose end of the thread and weave the thread to body.
Shape of the neck:
Stuff the head with poly-fill stuffing.
Cut a piece of face color yarn lengthy enough. Starting at back weave in and out through sts of the neck portion **. Pull up tightly to shape neck. Wrap one end of yarn around neck to cover gathers and again, pull tight. Tie in secure knot and bury ends in body.
Stuff the rest of the body with poly-fill stuffing and weave the loose ends of the butterfly.

WINGS: (Make 2)
1: Cast on 8 sts. Join in the round and K 1 round even.
Row 3: Kfb, K2, Kfb, Kfb, K2, Kfb (12 sts)
Row 4: Knit
Row 5: Kfb, K4, Kfb, Kfb, K4, Kfb (16 sts)
Row 6: Knit
Row 7: Kfb, K4, Kfb, Kfb, K4, Kfb (16 sts)
Row 8: Knit
Round 9 : Kfb, K6, Kfb, Kfb, K6, Kfb (20sts)
Row 10: Knit
Row 11: Kfb, K8,Kfb, Kfb, K8, Kfb (24 sts)
Row 12: Knit
Row 13 : Kfb, K10, Kfb, Kfb, K10, Kfb (28sts)
Row 14 : Knit
Roq 15 : Kfb, K12, Kfb, K12, Kfb (32 sts)
Row 16-18 : Knit
Row 19 : SSK, K12, K2 tog, SSK, K12, K2 tog
Row 20: Knit
Row 21: SSK, K10, K2 tog, SSK, K10, K2 tog
Row 22 : Knit
Row 23 : SSK, K8, K2 tog, SSK, K8, K2 tog
Row 24 : Knit
Row 25 : SSK, K6, K2 tog, SSK, K6, K2 tog
Row 26 : Knit
Row 27 : SSK, K4, K2 tog, SSK, K4, K2 tog
Row 28 : Knit
Row 29: SSK, K2, K2 tog, SSK, K2, K2 tog
Row 30 : Knit
Bind off.
Attach the wings to the butterfly body..
Honey Bunny.. 07/05/2010
I simply enjoyed and loved doing this doll. It took me approximately a week to complete but it was total fun. Every time I completed one task, it gave me a complete satisfaction of doing something perfectly..

The first task was to knit the body and head.
The second step was to knit the hands and fit them appropriately.
The third step was to knit dress and make sure it matches and fits the honey bunny properly.
The final step was to knit the ears and fit them along with eyes, nose and bow appropriately.. Finally my honey bunny is ready.. To know more and about the pattern, please click here.
Shawl 06/26/2010
The one project which took me nearly 6months+ to finish.. I actually forgot when I started doing this project..Its was a kind of saturation that stopped me after every few rows of knitting..  But finally finished it yesterday night.. Ufh!! :)
Requirements :
Triangle Porcelain Beads - 1 strand
Flat Porcelain Beads - 1 stand
Flat Oval Pottery Beads - 1 strand
Round Gemstone Obsiidian-6mm Beads (50pcs) - 1 no.
Metal Rings
Metal beads
Stainless steel wire
Eye and Head Pins

Necklace and earrings


A perfect accessory set for a trendy outfit

Coral chip chain-16" long- 1 no.
Black chip chain - 16" long- 1 no.
Turquoise beads
Silver beads
1/2" thick stainless steel wire.
Teddy Bear 05/14/2010
My first attempt to make a doll gave a decent result.. I named it Ruppert, after the animation sitcom, "The family guy".
The pattern for this teddy bear can be found here.
Decorative bowl 05/12/2010
If you want to start practicing knitting, small projects are always a perfect start and  this decorative bowl is ideal. I found this pattern in this website. Its a felted decorative bowl. The picture in that website itself was very attractive. So tried making one bowl  with the leftover yarn and it came out really pretty. I am liking it very much and want to do  similar to what it is in the website.
The pattern is available in the website. The bowl in the picture above is XS size.
Three strands multi colored bead necklace and ear ring..
Chocolate coloured pearl with brown crystals.
60pcs Chocolate pearl beads
2mm thick stainless steel wire
Dark brown crystal beads
A gift set!!! 02/19/2010