The sun made sure its rays are reflected before it said bye for the day....

Ice Xylophone



Freezing rain


The roads were completely covered with sleet and so do the leafless trees...Walking has been the most difficult task for the past two days in our town..

Snow covered....


The trees were covered with snow looked liked some ghost tree... But was wonderful watching and capturing this beautiful tree and the trees around.. The freezing weather followed by lil snow drizzle made the trees look amazing and beautiful..Also the entire stretch of driving was amazing.. To say our experience in two words, "White Desert"...
The second day of the New year saw a record low temperature of -30C in the early hours... With the weather channel flashing about the record low temperature, all I could see outside my deck was a clear, blue painted sky and the ice crystals hanging in my deck roof... Each crystals had their own shapes and was glittering like a diamond.... It was a visual treat to eyes...
With saying all about record low temperature, today we tried something for fun.. Took a glass of hot water and poured on the ground to see how fast it freezes.. And it took exactly 5seconds to freeze...It was fun playing... :)
The temperature raised from negative to single digits, so there is a massive meltdown on the roof top of my apartment..Lots of cone shaped ice crystals hanging all over the roof top.. Each have a different shape and sharpness.. My house roof looks like a crystal cone ...

The Meltdown


After a heavy snow storm,its time for the melting of snow... These ice crystals like was on my building roof...



Snow accumulation in our deck. I started this clicking using a chop stick as my measurement stick, at 3:30pm and kept clicking till 6pm. After it, the visibility was very poor and my camera did not cooperate.. Its still snowing and about 8-14inches of snow is expected tonight. Tomorrow morning I am going to measure again with the same stick...



Winter is on its way... So here's a preview