The recent news columns are filled with the corruption series happening in the common wealth games. Hosting such games gives any country a great privilege and  a status in World sports.  An individual who is responsible for forming a great team to make this common wealth games a gala event is making his account stronger..A treadmill rented for 7.5lacs INR!!! When did a treadmill cost so much? Balloon for 40crores INR?? The government, instead of sacking him immediately,then have a probe is waiting and waiting.. Is the Congress government waiting for its share to reach asap?? Then it will be called as Congress Wealth games!!!
This post is related to my today's flower series in my Photoblog. I have been posting flower pictures for sometime now and will continue to as I take more pictures..

Yesterday when I was reading this book, "STORIES Told by the MOTHER", a book which I purchased few years back from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, I happened read a very interesting chapter of Mother's life. I always feel happy to see a flower or flower's picture. But never knew why I felt that happiness. But yesterday after reading this chapter, I got my answer for why I feel that kinda small happiness. After reading that story, I felt it appropriate the share it with all.

Mother said, flowers are extremely receptive. Most of the people don't receive  it always because they are less receptive than the flower, and they waste the force that has been put in it through their unconsciousness and lack of receptivity. But the force is always there and the flower receives it wonderfully.

But I loved the part how Mother learned it by herself and let the world know how to feel the receptiveness.
When Mother was living in Paris, she learnt occultism for two years through an occultist whom she has never met. The occultist's wife was a clairvoyant and had an absoultely remarkable capacity-precisely- of transmitting forces. She sent Mother a letter with petals of pomegranate flower, "Divine's Love".At that time Mother had not given the meaning to the flower(People who know about Mother will know that she has given meanings for each flower). The occultist's wife sent the flower petals saying these petals were bringing her protection and force. Mother trusted the lady and kept the flowers always with her inside her watch in her chain. Mother always felt a kind of energy,warmth, confidence, force which came from that flower. Mother did not think about it, but she felt it.

One day, suddenly she felt quite depleted,as though a support that was there had gone. Mother felt something very unpleasant. She asked, "it is strange; what has happened?"
Mother kept on asking herself that nothing unpleasant has actually happened and why should she feel so empty, emptied of energy? And in the evening, when she took of her watch and chain, she noticed that the petals were gone. There was not one petal left. Then she really knew that they carried a considerable charge of power, for which she had felt the difference without even knowing the reason. It was after this Mother saw how one could use flowers by charging them with forces..

 Today is India's one of the Legendary music creator's birth day. One among his trillions of fans across the world, I feel honored to wish him happy bday

Raja Sir,

My mom was the first person who introduce me to Raja's music. But after her demise I stopped listening to his songs completely.

3 years back, just after my wedding, I came to this world of unknown people.. Internet was my next best friend after my hubby,near me..  I was then introduced to Aahaa FM, tamil FM  channel which was available online. They then had this wonderful program called "RAJANGAM"  presented by Illayaraja's daughter Bhavatharani, 9PM-11PM IST. I was again introduced to Illayaraja's songs, but in a new dimension. It was an every day treat. Listening to his songs with how the song was composed and the trivial details of the song was something new for me to know. From that day till now, I am a overzealous fan of Illayaraja songs.. 
Here are some of my favourite favourite Raja songs..
The first song always top my list.. Its like an addiction to me to get stuck to a place whenever I listen to the song..
Who can miss this.. Mouna raagam BGM.. I miss Indian mobile service very much.. I miss my mobile. This was my favourite ring tone, caller tune..
This is my second favourite song. I loved the way SPB sang.. Specially the lines, thamarai melae neer thuli pol, his expression to song was divine..
This song is always in my MP3 player. Many songs have been replaced,except this one. Its my all time favourite.
I simply love this song for its music and lyric. Outstanding..
Actually the list is never ending. If I have to list my favourite songs then I have to upload all Illayaraja songs on youtube here. Since thats not going to happen, listing a few more
Though the movie was a crap(atleast for me), loved karthik and revathi in this particular song..
Whenever I listen to this particular song, I feel like I am at home.. It reminds me my childhood where we used to change the lyric and make fun :). But now, I just enjoy the flavour of a pakka village song. There one big list of such typical village style songs which was a huge chartbuster.. But this song rocks, splly to listen when I am on a long drive.. I literally feel like dancing a typical village dance.. :D
Something which I love about Illayaraja's song was the diversity. Few for his melody, few for his BGM, few for typical village style. One such is his peppy disco songs,which always had a niche and still has that a special place in my heart. I would like to play list them as 80s dancing numbers.. All those lacks in today's kuthu song which is like catching a running bullet train, you can never catch them..
I come from a very small town in Tamil Nadu. A small township for central government employees where majority population consists of Scientists and Engineers. So every kid is brought up with a mind set of getting an admit in IIT or BITS or some prestigious medical school( in 80s and 90s splly). The actual career wish of the kid was never considered to the fullest extent and in most of the cases was never considered.. What if the kids were allowed to go with the flow.. This video is all about it.. When I see this song, it just feels so good.. SO GOOD..
Assignments!! 20/05/2010
This post is from my old blog. Just felt like reprinting them to my new blog as my old blog is  deleted forever.

One day when I was thinking about all the sweet memories from my college day.,the first funny thing that came to my mind was all those long gossipy phone calls made between me and my friends in the name of assignments. Never touched my assignment a day before deadline. And was very sincere to attempt the assignment the night before the deadline. Busy phone calls between friends and solving problems via phone.. Leaving gaps in between questions to fill the unknown answers and copying from friends the next day morning..It was total fun. The cartoon below is just a try, to represent my post in the funny way and its written in Tanglish(Tamil in English).
Human's  one of the loveliest creation. Dutch Street Organ is a mechanical instrument.
Organs are operated either mechanical or by pneumatic means. To learn more about organs please click here.
Dutch street organs are played pneumatically.The people who operates the organ are called as "Organ grinders". The organ grinder operates the Street Organ by placing a book music in the middle of the small wheel and turns the big wheel and comes the lovely music. What amazed me a lot was the book music.

Placing the book music in the organ

Book music is a medium for storing music played on these street organs. Book music is made from thick cardboard, containing perforated holes representing the musical notes to be played, with the book folded zig-zag style.

Book music


Inside the book music

Finally some music from the Dutch Street Organ..
During my childhood, watching a complete new cine song on TV was a gift. Rangoli or Oliyum Oliyum or Wednesday night Hindi songs, whatever it might watching a new song till  first anupallavi was a delight. The next day in the school, talking about it was like winning something very precious. And watching a full song while watching the movie was something more than fun. Letting my friends that I saw the full song first was like icing on a cake. Mile sur mera thumara was the only song apart from cine songs where cine artists can be seen. TV was government's mouthpiece to common man. Ethics was not even a term to introduce because everything was so loyal. Nothing was allowed to exceed its limit.

Slowly, in the 90s things started changing. Cable TV invaded our living room. New terms like cartoon network, small wonders, Wonder years, Crystal Maze, WWF were introduced into our TV watching schedule. Vacations went by like weeks.. Sun TV, Eagle TV(now Star Vijay) were some of the tamil channels which entered into our daily TV watching schedule. Slowly from only to one hour of TV watching got increased. Specially during festivals and national holidays TV was switched ON even at 6am starting from mangala isai till midnight when the movie finally gets over with loads and loads of ads in between. Lots of favourite actor/actresses interview. It certainly increased little endorphin in everyone. But not loose track, there was more media ethics.

Early 2000 there was an evolution. Media- TV, Radio, Journalism slowly conquered everyone. It literally  made an invasion. The term called media ethics diminished. Initially, knowing more about my favourite cine stars through interviews or watching a full new movie song on the day of release or just few days after release was more fun. But now its no more exciting. Watching them almost every day in some form of Page 3 news,  has become an overdose. Anything to everything became "NEWS" material. In the beginning, a topic for conversation, discussion, chatting were very interesting. It made me feel like most of the  hidden views  that can not be always expressed are mirrored  very well by media . But now its more of shouting,arguing and dramatic, leaving behind a bad taste. 
"If there is no sensation in a news, its never made a news."
According to me, Televised media on a whole has gone down to a great extent. There is always a Western  influence in everything. Televised media's focus is mainly towards sensationalism. Everything is spiced up with extra drama and annoying music. There is always some sort of glamor  quotient added to  news. No news fails to provide a gossip, or  news from any celebs tweet or blog.

Of all the accusation, this one stands above all..  The background music in NEWS. Having a theme music before the news begins, during an ad break and in the finish is something acceptable. But giving a dramatic background music for a sad/sensitive news, a peppy music for a cine news is something which irks me alot. Reaching heights, I have even observed, once a responsible news reporter,Sagarika Gosh, presenting a very sensitive news with a smiling face. I couldn't really  understand what was so funny in that news!! The list actually goes on as this has become a never ending story. It has become a practice  to present NEWS sensationally. TRPs matter the most more than ethics.

I just wish the immense drama is reduced and more sensible way of presenting the news be followed. This is purely my opinion. I do know people reading this will have their own views and opinions about this piece of post. Your opinions and views are welcome.

Thank you.
Parotta khurma 15/04/2010
This is our first innovative tasty recipe for the taste buds..
We have heard about vegetable khurma or any other khurma. But this is a special khurma-Parotta khurma.. Dont get confused with Parotta+khurma, its Parotta in Khurma..

Frozen Parotta-3
Cauliflower - 1 cup
Peas - 1 cup
Vegetable broth - 1 can
Garam masala- 1 tbsp
Coriander powder - 1 tbsp
chilli powder and salt - according to your taste

To grind:
Shredded coconut -1 cup
Green Chilli - 4nos
Garlic- 2nos
Cinnamon stick -1
Cloves - 4 nos
Poppy seeds - 1 tbsp

To garnish
Fresh coriander leaves to garnish
Oil- 2 tbsp
Mustard- 1 tbsp

Heat the frozen parotta in a tawa and cut the parotta into very small pieces (like finely chopped onion). In a kadai add oil and mustard. After the mustard sputters add onion. Fry it till onion turn light brown. Add tomato, peas and cauliflower. Fry till cauliflower is semi-cooked. Add the finely chopped parotta and fry for 2 minutes. Add one can of vegetable broth , garam masala, chilli powder and salt and let the gravy boil for 2-3 mins until the cauliflower is fully cooked.  Mean time grind the sprices into fine paste. Finally add the spices and let the gravy boil till the raw smell of spices is completely gone. Add water at appropriate stages as the parotta tends to make the gravy dry. Finally garnish it with fresh coriander leaves.

This gravy is great to be served with Idiyappam.
There is a talk show in a popular Tamil channel called "NEEYA NAANA" (literal meaning- You or Me) which usually brings good topics for debate. What I particularly like about this debate show is that, there is no winners. Winning is not everything. Participation means a lot. The show focuses mainly on all the possible positives and negatives about a particular topic in a healthy way. There is no shouting and yelling. The discussion is always in an educative manner. The topic  that was discussed today was also one such and also which is not much discussed in many talk shows these days. The topic was " ARE SELF-MOTIVATION BOOKS REALLY MOTIVATING?"

I personally feel, these kinds of off cinema-politics-commercialization topics are less discussed in most of the talk shows, so kudos for the program head to choose such interesting topic for discussion.

To brief about this debate, as usual there were two groups, one for the topic and one against the topic.

To start with, I go for "for"the topic people. These people said
  • Reading such books made them gain confidence
  • Some said, it gave them positivity in their life and there by designing a path for their success. 
  • For those who studied in non-English medium schools, reading such motivational books gain confidence and reduced their inferiority complex.
  • A girl said reading such books made her think in all possible ways to deal a situation
  • Some said it increased their personality and presentability during interviews and conferences.
  • A lady said after reading  such books she started listening to people without interrupting them...
For those who were against said
  • The people who read books for their motivation have no actual drive.
  • They lag in practical application
  • The people who read these motivational books were actually losing their self and start following what a book directs..
  • These books were only for selling points and actually has nothing to do with self-motivation.This was one strong complaint(in strong words).
The debate went on for about an hour discussing all the possible pros and cons of reading a self-motivation books. If you ask my opinion of these kind of books, I dont like to read all self-motivation books that are available in the market.  But the quotes I read from Thirukural during my school days have taught me how to self-motivate myself when I am low in positivity & energy.  Books like Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi has got so many motivational lines. Every book I have read so far had a little self-motivation tip here and there. I personally feel, one should take the content from the books and not completely depend on such books for self- motivation.

The person who hosts the show also mentioned that there is no actual survey in India to know who actually benefits from these kind of books and is it actually helping people to self motivate.. So I thought why not have a polling and know what people actually think, atleast among the bloggers who discuss various topics.
Please vote and  leave your opinion on this topic as it really helps to know whether the self-motivation books are motivational or not. Also pass on to your friends so they can also vote and let their opinion to make this survey a success. Thanks for voting.
A short film 26/02/2010
I was very impressed when I saw this short film. So wanted to mention it in my blog.

"KARNA MOTCHAM" is a short film by Murali Manohar, a Chennai Film Institute student. This short film is his final year thesis project. He got his final year results with a surprise, a National Award for best short film.

In today's modern world these traditional dance drama theme is completely overshadowed by mega serials and reality shows. People prefer parties and weekend funs. But not less than 20years ago when TV was just a few hour entertainer these dance drama shows were very popular. People used to consider these as their social parities and out door fun. Karna motcham is a short movie based on a koothu artist.

Koothu is a dance drama performance usually performed in villages and small towns during temple festivals/ functions. Koothu literally means dance. Mostly concept based dance. And most of the time an incident from Mahabharatham is taken as concept.

Karna Motcham is about the man Govindan, who is a koothu artist.Govindan acts as Karna, one of the centre character  in Mahabharatham, in the koothu.  Karna is known for his offerings. He never says no for those who come to him for help or offerings. But these days Koothu has almost died, Govindan is in his worst financial crisis. One day he gets an opportunity to perform in a school function and was said he will be given Rs500 for his performance.But unfortunately on the day of his performance, some higher official in that school dies and the school is closed. This was not informed to Govindan. When Govindan reaches the school and learns that the school is closed he is very disappointed. With no money to return home, what happens next is this 14mins short film.. I might have finished writing it in three simple lines, but while watching the movie, I felt heavyhearted. Every reality cannot/will not have a sweet happy ending. Most of the reality is hard to digest.

Karna Motcham is one such movie. Very realistic, simple, heart touching story taken in a very elegant manner.