I didn't realize myself that I love drinking coffee this much, until sometime back. Initially, it was just a beverage i drank every morning. But later felt how much energy-less without coffee.I initially thought I was just addicted to coffee. 3years back, I enrolled myself to yoga classes two years back. I was in the early morning batch, so had to reach my classes before 6AM. My instructor always asks me if I had my coffee. She prefers me to come empty stomach to my classes. I tried twice not drinking my coffee. But felt so dull and there was no energy to do my workout. Then somehow managed to convince my instructor and started having my coffee before my classes. This was the first time I realized how much I miss my coffee.

More than staying healthy, maintaining my weight was always a watch for me. Someone advised me to take honey in hot water with lemon juice first thing in the morning. Though tried hard to practice this, I never succeeded in doing this regularly. I felt that first thing after brushing, my tongue's first taste should be coffee. Else, I felt my day did not have a good start.

When I joined my office, the usual frozen chappati after a while made me feel so boring, I myself hated what I cooked. My boredom killed my cooking. So to compensate it, I started drinking coffee(inga kooda nalla samaikalaam nu thonala) just after my lunch.I never liked coffee immediately after lunch, but  I really donno how I got  used to it.  Initially, I did not like American Coffee. Till date I have tried black coffee only once(out of compulsion). But somehow I started liking Descartes coffee near my office. Those who visit Downtown Chicago should try drinking coffee atleast once in this place. Those who love filter coffee will for sure like their Decafe. But cannot say how it would taste without milk as I have never tried. It tastes more like our traditional South Indian filter coffee. I make sure I visit this place  weekly once when I used to live in Chicago. Whenever I missed home coffee, I make sure I visited this place. {not any advertising just my opinion [:)] }
Ethiopia is famous for its great coffee. Loved the experience of tasting world's no.1 coffee. Both me and Hari loved this coffee.Both of us love Ethiopian food as it tastes more Indian. More than the food, we loved their coffee. It tasted like our filter coffee without chicory.We also experimented  mixing finely grounded Ethiopian coffee with our Indian coffee and the combo worked out excellently. It tasted splendid.

When I went to home this summer, every time I had my cup of coffee, I learnt how much I missed filter coffee.So made sure I purchased a small filter(for two) and some coffee.. And now, every morning I enjoy my fresh filter coffee..

But off all, I make sure I never take too much coffee a day. My limit is maximum of 2cups of coffee with milk. I always avoid black coffee.Too much caffeine is not good for health. 
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