A short film


I was very impressed when I saw this short film. So wanted to mention it in my blog.

"KARNA MOTCHAM" is a short film by Murali Manohar, a Chennai Film Institute student. This short film is his final year thesis project. He got his final year results with a surprise, a National Award for best short film.

In today's modern world these traditional dance drama theme is completely overshadowed by mega serials and reality shows. People prefer parties and weekend funs. But not less than 20years ago when TV was just a few hour entertainer these dance drama shows were very popular. People used to consider these as their social parities and out door fun. Karna motcham is a short movie based on a koothu artist.

Koothu is a dance drama performance usually performed in villages and small towns during temple festivals/ functions. Koothu literally means dance. Mostly concept based dance. And most of the time an incident from Mahabharatham is taken as concept.

Karna Motcham is about the man Govindan, who is a koothu artist.Govindan acts as Karna, one of the centre character  in Mahabharatham, in the koothu.  Karna is known for his offerings. He never says no for those who come to him for help or offerings. But these days Koothu has almost died, Govindan is in his worst financial crisis. One day he gets an opportunity to perform in a school function and was said he will be given Rs500 for his performance.But unfortunately on the day of his performance, some higher official in that school dies and the school is closed. This was not informed to Govindan. When Govindan reaches the school and learns that the school is closed he is very disappointed. With no money to return home, what happens next is this 14mins short film.. I might have finished writing it in three simple lines, but while watching the movie, I felt heavyhearted. Every reality cannot/will not have a sweet happy ending. Most of the reality is hard to digest.

Karna Motcham is one such movie. Very realistic, simple, heart touching story taken in a very elegant manner.

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