The Didi's show or the Non-stop Nonsense show.. The days when no cable tv was born, no suntv, no star network. The only medium through which visual entertainment was entertained. "Doordharshan".

No idiotic programs, no reality shows, no mega serials. Though the exposure to outer world was very minimal though. Yet  the quality of programs were awesome. 

Kids had minimal entertainment among the minimal program telecasted. One among the shows I loved the most was the DIDI's SHOW...The one thing I always note was the title clippings with the episode clippings. I was always keen in noting which episodes clips are used in the title track.
But during my childhood days, I always had this confusion how Kathadi Ramamurthy acts both in Didi's show  and Tamil dramas so splendidly.. Nothing unusual, I usually get confused with Didi and Kathadi Ramamurthy. I believed both are same person.. I still feel they somehow look more similar.

The video below is Kathadi Ramamurthy's Ayya Amma Ammamma.. One of my fav dramas.

I loved both their shows..
8/5/2009 11:04:44 am

Blog looks awesome!!! Neat design. Seri y a new blog?

I love those DD & KR shows. I use kathadis dialog "what what when when happenamo that that then then happenam" often.

8/5/2009 11:58:34 am

Hi ME.

Thanks for the comment and also for visiting my new webpage. Keep visiting.

The dialog.. nalla iruku..:). I dont remember Kathadi's drama dialogues that much when compared to S.Ve.Sekar and Crazy. Yet love his dramas.

8/14/2009 01:48:17 am

Thanks da for getting me the name...I used to luv Didi show....I forgot his name... my whole family used to sit and more family entertainers nowadays :(
these links wld really be useful to me...:)

8/14/2009 02:21:02 am

Dolls enjoy

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