During my childhood, watching a complete new cine song on TV was a gift. Rangoli or Oliyum Oliyum or Wednesday night Hindi songs, whatever it might watching a new song till  first anupallavi was a delight. The next day in the school, talking about it was like winning something very precious. And watching a full song while watching the movie was something more than fun. Letting my friends that I saw the full song first was like icing on a cake. Mile sur mera thumara was the only song apart from cine songs where cine artists can be seen. TV was government's mouthpiece to common man. Ethics was not even a term to introduce because everything was so loyal. Nothing was allowed to exceed its limit.

Slowly, in the 90s things started changing. Cable TV invaded our living room. New terms like cartoon network, small wonders, Wonder years, Crystal Maze, WWF were introduced into our TV watching schedule. Vacations went by like weeks.. Sun TV, Eagle TV(now Star Vijay) were some of the tamil channels which entered into our daily TV watching schedule. Slowly from only to one hour of TV watching got increased. Specially during festivals and national holidays TV was switched ON even at 6am starting from mangala isai till midnight when the movie finally gets over with loads and loads of ads in between. Lots of favourite actor/actresses interview. It certainly increased little endorphin in everyone. But not loose track, there was more media ethics.

Early 2000 there was an evolution. Media- TV, Radio, Journalism slowly conquered everyone. It literally  made an invasion. The term called media ethics diminished. Initially, knowing more about my favourite cine stars through interviews or watching a full new movie song on the day of release or just few days after release was more fun. But now its no more exciting. Watching them almost every day in some form of Page 3 news,  has become an overdose. Anything to everything became "NEWS" material. In the beginning, a topic for conversation, discussion, chatting were very interesting. It made me feel like most of the  hidden views  that can not be always expressed are mirrored  very well by media . But now its more of shouting,arguing and dramatic, leaving behind a bad taste. 
"If there is no sensation in a news, its never made a news."
According to me, Televised media on a whole has gone down to a great extent. There is always a Western  influence in everything. Televised media's focus is mainly towards sensationalism. Everything is spiced up with extra drama and annoying music. There is always some sort of glamor  quotient added to  news. No news fails to provide a gossip, or  news from any celebs tweet or blog.

Of all the accusation, this one stands above all..  The background music in NEWS. Having a theme music before the news begins, during an ad break and in the finish is something acceptable. But giving a dramatic background music for a sad/sensitive news, a peppy music for a cine news is something which irks me alot. Reaching heights, I have even observed, once a responsible news reporter,Sagarika Gosh, presenting a very sensitive news with a smiling face. I couldn't really  understand what was so funny in that news!! The list actually goes on as this has become a never ending story. It has become a practice  to present NEWS sensationally. TRPs matter the most more than ethics.

I just wish the immense drama is reduced and more sensible way of presenting the news be followed. This is purely my opinion. I do know people reading this will have their own views and opinions about this piece of post. Your opinions and views are welcome.

Thank you.
5/6/2010 03:07:53 am


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