Today is India's one of the Legendary music creator's birth day. One among his trillions of fans across the world, I feel honored to wish him happy bday

Raja Sir,

My mom was the first person who introduce me to Raja's music. But after her demise I stopped listening to his songs completely.

3 years back, just after my wedding, I came to this world of unknown people.. Internet was my next best friend after my hubby,near me..  I was then introduced to Aahaa FM, tamil FM  channel which was available online. They then had this wonderful program called "RAJANGAM"  presented by Illayaraja's daughter Bhavatharani, 9PM-11PM IST. I was again introduced to Illayaraja's songs, but in a new dimension. It was an every day treat. Listening to his songs with how the song was composed and the trivial details of the song was something new for me to know. From that day till now, I am a overzealous fan of Illayaraja songs.. 
Here are some of my favourite favourite Raja songs..
The first song always top my list.. Its like an addiction to me to get stuck to a place whenever I listen to the song..
Who can miss this.. Mouna raagam BGM.. I miss Indian mobile service very much.. I miss my mobile. This was my favourite ring tone, caller tune..
This is my second favourite song. I loved the way SPB sang.. Specially the lines, thamarai melae neer thuli pol, his expression to song was divine..
This song is always in my MP3 player. Many songs have been replaced,except this one. Its my all time favourite.
I simply love this song for its music and lyric. Outstanding..
Actually the list is never ending. If I have to list my favourite songs then I have to upload all Illayaraja songs on youtube here. Since thats not going to happen, listing a few more
Though the movie was a crap(atleast for me), loved karthik and revathi in this particular song..
Whenever I listen to this particular song, I feel like I am at home.. It reminds me my childhood where we used to change the lyric and make fun :). But now, I just enjoy the flavour of a pakka village song. There one big list of such typical village style songs which was a huge chartbuster.. But this song rocks, splly to listen when I am on a long drive.. I literally feel like dancing a typical village dance.. :D
Something which I love about Illayaraja's song was the diversity. Few for his melody, few for his BGM, few for typical village style. One such is his peppy disco songs,which always had a niche and still has that a special place in my heart. I would like to play list them as 80s dancing numbers.. All those lacks in today's kuthu song which is like catching a running bullet train, you can never catch them..
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6/3/2010 10:10:12 pm

Thanks for your comment :). I am already a member of Indiblogger.. Thanks for your offer. Really appreciate it. :)

6/19/2010 01:46:03 pm

that's a wonderful article... For every mood in your life - there is a song from his composition!

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