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Happy Running


Its been 3years now since I started working out. I am so irregular in it. I still remember the day when Hari took me to gym and asked me to run on a track. I was pathetic. Can't even run a few cms. Until last year, I was still pathetic. After shifting to the windy city my apartment gym was the only place to go after work. Simple reason, they had a TV there and I can watch something for sometime. Initially it was just a time killing place.  Later, saw this lady in my apartment running on the treadmill.. She runs constantly at a steady pace for more than an hour.. That made me lil J and I tried to start running.. As usual pathetic. But something made me push a  lil bit.. May be the same J factor...

Was trying to run on the treadmill for sometime now. Later after shifting my base back to pavilion, I tried running on the track.. For my surprise, I could run 2 laps continuously for the first time. And as days passing, I am improving. I ran 6laps last Thursday which is 1mile. Trying to maintain that till now. Running gives me or training me to give few things. Controlling my mind and energy to do more work. The usual machine workouts never gave me such fresh energy. Running is teaching me to control my mind as well as push me to achieve what is called "hard work". Loving it. Will try to do it as much as I can.
11/29/2009 17:25:09

Gr8 going di.... All the best!

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