Karadi Tales


It all started as a fun search on You Tube.. The search word was "Karadi". Most of the abroad living tamil people know the meaning for this!! The random search left to this subscriber called "Karadi Online".

When I clicked that subscriber, found some interesting videos. All about Indian tales for children.  More search about Kardai tales lead me to their website. KARADI TALES.COM

What I like most about the website is the home page's karadi(Ballu from Jungle book ;)) .. A cute old  bear with a stick and baby monkey listening to the bear.. A very cute attractive picture for kids.. 

In future, these are sure gifts for my kids...
From Rhymes to tales, Karadi Tales is available in Tamil,English and Hindi. Famous people have lend their voices in their respective languages..  Apart from their website, karadi tales have a blog which constantly updates their activities.. We can follow them on Twitter  and Facebook..

Before finishing, I should say why Karadi Tales is a post in my blog.. Simple reasons..

  • Its a good effort in the respective languages where children can learn all moral stories. I love moral stories and I believe in those morals very strongly.
  • I have seen many other children related DVDs.. Those are more of an addiction. But I find Karadi Tales interesting .. I found my friends kids enjoying them rather than getting addicted.. Loved it..
  • Apart from DVDs they have books.. This is the most favourite part. "Books". Most children are arrested in front of TV with something or other which has atleast a lil to more violence (ex: Jet X).. Books on the other hand helps parents to interact more with their kids. Instead of a stupid movie song/comedy , these story books help them more

But lastly, all good things are always welcome.. But I insist only one thing to parents.. First let us try to understand what the kid's interest is. Then let us help them developing it in the right way. Please do not impose our views into the kids..

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