Thirteen year old girl giving a courageous speech infront of World leaders. Can see her with full confidence and great spirit. Hearty congrats to this brave girl. Wish I could see more kids like her.

Climatic change is indeed a great concern for our world now. When these little brains can think and take steps this early, why not us? This will be my third post regarding this topic. Yet, I feel like writing it again and again.

Plastic has become a part our life, though unable to minimize its use, let us at least recycle it. A local fellow near my street comes and search every dustbin in and around our street to find if he can get  any plastic bottles for recycling. Though those plastic bottles are his penny earner,  I can see him as an environmental cleaner, he cleans all those plastics. If plastic is one unavoidable, papers in Western countries too join this list.From wipes to sanitation everyone depends on paper. We can minimize the usage by using cloth napkins to clean your tables, kitchens, living room .Take our own bags for grocery shopping.  By this way we can minimize and avoid.

Reforestation and avoiding plastics play important role in balancing our eco-system. Balancing it is vital for a better and healthier environment.

As this girl said,
If not here, then where?
If not now , then when?
If not we, then who?

Liked this sentence of hers very much..
"We received a clean and healthy planet from our ancestors and gifting a damaged one to our successors."

How true?

I say, as the generations go, they will  get a further spoiled environment if our earth is treated the same way now. Lets stop treating it bad. Let us learn to care and teach our future generation how to care.

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