When you see something wrong, you either react or stay out of sight. But most of the time, just try to avoid and stay off the sight, keep it within yourself and thinking "Why didnt I open my mouth there, why I was standing like a idiot?" What will happen if I say?

I just want to pour out one such polambal here.

Schools in the present day simply annoy me. Most of us know the usual torture given for 10th and 12th std board exam writing students. But these days there is no special year like 10th or 12th for torturing the students. The pain starts in KGs itself. Grading the children for behavior, uniform neatness in the KGs. Those little buds never know anything about gradings at that age. If this is the state with the KGs kids, as their grades increase, their burden increases with the amount of books these kids carry.

God knows how many subjects these kids have. I remember studying 5subjects till my 10th grade. But these kids at their 3grade have about 10subjects. All the 5 subjects which I studied, just that these subjects are subdivided in terms of I &II..

Maths ---> Maths 1 & Maths 2
Social ----> History, geography, Civics, Economics (WTH, why they have to learn economics at the age of 11 or 12???)
Science ---> Biology, Zoology..
Apart from these they have Moral Science, Computer Science from their 2nd grade..

When I went to meet my cousin, who is in his 2nd grade,he had one hell of books to carry to his school every day. When asked, dont he have a timetable, why should he carry all his books? I was said, the timetable is for namesake. It depends upon the teacher. They decide what part of major(ex: History,/geography) they are going to take only after coming to class. So these kids have to take both the books. Can't these teachers tell the student a day ahead which book they should bring to class? In addition to the textbook, they have to carry that subject's class notebook and homework notebook. For each subject has a count of 3book and notebooks.The overall weight per day will for sure be 4-5kgs. Are we training our kids to some weight championship when they are in their primary schools????

One of the most shocking was to see my lil cousins moral science book. The book looked like a small manual with no fancy outer cover. It had 100 things to know about 2009 in India. The questions which strongly got registered in my mind are,

Who won the filmfare award for best actor in the year 2008?
Which team this so and so cricketer belong to in IPL 2008?

Is this moral science question or some crap??

Donno when these will change. Hope it reaches the concern and some relief is given to these kids.

8/14/2009 08:48:39

yeah true di.... it is really bad...

reg those questions.... nalla parthiya ethavathu tv quiz prep booka irunthu iruka poguthu

8/14/2009 09:18:35

Di, illa di.. that was a moral science book.. it was like a pamphlet.. keta athan moral science book nu sonanga..


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