It was on some page 3 website I learnt about Nandita Das's wait for the rights of the book "The vine of desire" by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni... It was mentioned in that column that she had to wait for a long time before getting approved from the author to make it as a film. The tit bits had its piece saying, its a women based story..  A Nandita Das movie and a women based subject... I like Nandita Das's work a lot, so it interested me more to know what the story was all about. I searched my local public library and was happy to know the book was available. I couldn't wait a bit , so placed a hold so that no one takes the book. I knew I will be going to library the next day or soon once the library emails me saying its ready to take the book. But for my surprise Hari wanted to take me to library that day itself. I still did not receive any confirmation email to take the book. The book was neither in the fiction section nor in the collecting section. Its stuck in between both the sections, its in the office room.. ah!!!

Though I knew there is only one copy, still I wanted to check if there is one more by any chance.. So I went back to the fiction add to my ignorance, I learnt this was the author who wrote the book " The mistress of spices".. I tell Hari, hey this is the movie Aishwarya Rai acted.. So she is the author!!! Hari gave a weird look, what the hell is wrong with my wife. she read some page 3 section and wants to read a book!!".. and he went of to search his kinda books...

Leaving behind all his reactions I glanced through all her books in the bookshelf. This novel "Sister of my heart" was the second one to notice.. Something told me that it would me similar to "The vine of desire". So opened the book and read the preface and what things are written on the front and back flaps.. It was interesting and as mentioned in the page 3 section the flaps had the names Anju and Sudha mentioned. So I decided I should take this book and read..

Now saying my opinion about this book

This book is about the Chatterjee girls Basudha and Anjali. The story starts with the birth of Anjali and Basudha, the sister whose heart is who!!... From their childhood to teens to their wedding, to the ups and downs they face in their lives are portrayed as a narration by Sudha and Anju to us.. The story has nothing extravagant.. Be the Chatterjee girls or for that sake any one can relate themselves atleast at once instance in this story.. I can relate myself with Anjali.. Anjali is always  concerned about  Sudha and cant stop herself from loving her sister very deeply and always thinking about her.. To add about Anjali's charachter, she argues for anything and everything in her way and very quickly become restless in doing and deciding things.. Basudha is the very calm girl who always believes in old fairy tales, where she is the princess in some forest and her prince will come and save her.. When I started reading about Basudha, initially I thought she is a mega serial type of girl who does anything to get a good name in the family.. Sacrifice, silence, more sacrifice and the soft susheel Bhahu... But towards the end can realize how strong a girl can be portrayed..

The author has brought the picture before our eyes how the Chatterjee family will look like.. Not to offend anyone,but for sure, if you happened to watch to many mamiyar-marumagal (saas-bahu)  mega serials you can for sure imagine the characters and how the scene would have been...

The novel had little cinematic characters but for sure not fully cinematic. Somethings can never be judged in this novel..While reading some of the chapters, I could guess what will happen next but for some, it was unpredictable..The portrayal of the husbands were amazing.. Why I say this because, I studied in a co-education. For most of the guys whom I have met as my classmates or collagemates had something in common when they talk about girls.. Nothing offending.. But there was a little bit of take for granted attitude in some sensitive issues.. I could see those in the characters of the husbands of the two girls..  The care by the chatterjee moms were very well portrayed along with their usual chit chats about the other ladies :)..

The novel talks about love, care, motherhood, betrayal, school time memories and for sure a lot of sisterhood..

Personally, I liked reading this novel.. I could relate me and my sister in various chapters..And if you want to read "The vine of desire", do read "Sister of my hear" first.. Else, it will be difficult to understand the former...

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