What am I doing? -

What am I doing?


Lately, there is no posts, no camera, no click click going on.. Reason, I am in a spree of reading books. For those who are adherent readers, the novels, the books am reading now, they might have read these a long time back. I am really a late pick up in this.
Certainly, keeping in my mind, not to read a book just for the sake of reading and certainly not for increasing my Shelfari list.

So what am I reading now..
"The God of Small things"(GoST) . For those who follow my tweets they would have seen an update several weeks back, me saying, reading this book. But to tell you, after so many hibernation  I finally started reading it without break. But first I should tell you what developed an interest in me to read this book. It was Arundathi Roy's interview a few weeks back on the IBN CNN, I was impressed with some of her views and thoughts(not all though). Then searched Wikipedia and list of her essays and novels. Finally an e-copy of the novel. So started reading. When I first started reading the e-version, i was not that much thrilled or excited  Maybe it was coz it was not a hardcover copy. Then searched my local library for this book and surprisingly I happened to find that they have three copies of this book. One a large print version and other two a softcover copy. I preferred the large print version, the one I am reading now.To add, I also found Chetan Bhagat's, "One night at the call center"(ON@CC). I have heard about this book from several  techie friends. So was just curious about reading this book too. So I borrowed  both the books from  the library. The first few pages of ON@CC impressed me alot and I started reading that first. To my surprise and record, I finished reading this book in three days..Till date, maybe in the future too I am and will be amazed  if I could read any novel that fast.

Then came back reading to this book, GoST.. Since this was a hard copy, I had to first find where I last left the story. So after a small recap I was involved  in reading this book. I am liking this book as the author has portrayed the God's own land very well and also when I am too involved in reading this book it gives a feel, I am a invisible person standing and watching what is happening at Ayemenem. But at times I feel there are too many situations that are jumping here and there without continuation.It takes more than one reading to understand what the author really wanna convey.Still enjoying reading this good book..

I guess I will be reading for another one month as I have one more amazing book lined up.. Its called "Afghanistan". Its a book about the wars that happened, happening in the country for years now..

Happy reading to me...

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