Earth Hour


My apartment
It was sad that people who ask others to observe Earth hour never made effort to create awareness among their people. Guess its only for their media and next day newspaper's front page show, they switch off lights of all high raise buildings in big cities..
The picture above is our apartment. It was only us observing Earth Hour. Not even our management. You can see the hallway lights and outdoor lights ON.. sad..
Public Library
It was sad that even the University, Public library, Post office here did not observe Earth Hour. Most of the shops had their hoardings ON even when the store was closed. SAD :(..

PS: the quality of the above photo is really bad.
3/28/2010 10:51:59 am

The world is not so perfect yet! There are few ignorant people. Nothings strikes those unless a mammoth impact hits them hard. Sad, but that is reality.

Funny part is in India we have night IPL cricket matches even when the same match could have been played under sunlight!

3/28/2010 12:52:46 pm

I was lil sad that there was lil awareness here at the place where I live..

But my opinion abt India observing Earth Hour, I seriously feel its not necessary.. Bcoz on a whole there is enough power cut in India...Donno how many ppl know this, in TN, districts regions like Tirchy, Kumbakonam, Tanjore always have a 2hr power cut everyday. I am sure this kinda thing happens in many places in INdia.. So my word here is India need not observe any spl such hr..Its already conserving alot..

3/28/2010 02:48:43 pm

Saw your post on Indiblogger. My neighbors didn't support the earth hour too. The problem is that nobody seems to get the importance of climate change. Few of those who get it, fail to help the cause.

In India, the power cut is not to conserve power but due to lack of it. Even in India, there is a need to raise awareness on climate change. More so, since pollution levels and climate changes are directly affecting the people.

3/28/2010 10:00:25 pm

Hi Krishna Chaitanya,
Welcome to my website..
I completely agree with ur comments.. Even I agree with u abt creating awarness among people. . But most of country do these kinda climatic talks or acts as a status symbol and actually not educating their people.My previous comment or this post was to tell people who never cares for such social or environmental causes

About India, my stand is also the same. That is what even I tried to convey in my comment.. Lack of power / indirect conservation. We need not observe a spl hour. We have enough electricity problem. But, I completely agree abt educating people. Educating people is very important.

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