Gloomy, cloudy


9/3/2009 07:24:41 am

Luv d last 2 snaps lavi...

I warn u.. cloudography is so addictive... After sometime u will start seeing images (u tend to feel so) and then u will always look upon the sky :-)

9/3/2009 08:54:25 am

Arun, I have that habit from childhood. I am addicted for many years now :). Satchi, en childhood fnd anusha..

9/12/2009 02:41:51 am

Hii !! Very nice cloudscapes yaar.. I loved them you have done something really cool... Infact all photos are very nice.. where have you clicked these photos... I would love to visit the place someday

9/12/2009 11:09:45 pm

Hi Bhuvan,

Thanks for your comments. Most of the Cloud photos were taken near my home here in US and some in my hometown,India on various random days. :)

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