Deepavali, festival of lights... I would rather say festival of sound. Most of the people keep talking and debating about the sound pollution and money wasted on the crackers. But I would say, enjoy bursting crackers, make more sound, have loads of fun.
I actually started writing this post a day before Deepavali, and very obviously in a sad mood. Just coz I am going to miss all the fun back at home. It was a very important day for Hari and he cannot be with me the whole day and celebrate Deepavali. So Hari decided  to drop me at the station first in the morning, to go to my relative's place at Schaumburg. Just got up early on "the day" and was ready to leave. When I reached the station at 8:50AM, I learnt that on Saturdays they just have train service for every two hrs only and I just missed one 20mins back. My next train to Schaumburg was at 10:30AM and Hari had to leave me as he was getting late for his presentation. I was left all alone in the station with one popcorn packet.

"Deepavali athuvuma popcorn athuvum kalankarthala..." That was my reaction. Finally reached Schaumburg station at 11:20AM. Till then I never knew it was all going to change to a fun day. The kids were so excited to see me and it was fun playing with them. Once we stepped into the house, the kids wanted me to join them to burst crackers. Immediately after poojai, we started bursting all the kutty crackers which are allowed to in this country... From Kambi mathapu to Sangu charkram to Bhusvanam ... Certainly not like bursting 1000walas and 10000walas...  When u have nothing, even a small one feels too big and gives more happiness. Same state of mind. :). This fun lasted till 10PM..For about 10hrs it was just fun,fun and fun..Yeah, I missed telling u this, there was some food too and all home made... WOW.. What can I have more than this after missing two Deepavalis.. It was more than I expected.. SIMPLY AWESOME...
Wanna know how much the kids enjoyed?
10/18/2009 03:10:58 pm

Hi Lahari,
Happy Deepavali. :)
And thanks a lot dear for dropping by my <a href="">My Travelogue</a>.. :) Thanks for your appreciation. :)
And, welcome to my blog. Seems to be your first visit there.. Do drop in often. Would love your visits, comments and followups.. :)
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10/18/2009 10:44:49 pm

Hi Bhushavali,

Thanks for the wishes..Yeah I am reading ur travelog regularly..

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