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Till few days back, I never thought about what are my strong likes and dislikes.. One day I read a chain of blogs by few bloggers who listed their likes and dislikes and chained their friend into that blog and they have to list their likes and dislikes.. It goes on...
It was very interesting to read..

After I finish reading it, I wanted to list my likes and dislikes.. But surprisingly i didn't know what are my likes and dislikes.. Till now I do not know which is my favourite color.. Every time someone asks I randomly say some color.Till this moment  I really donno which is my favourite color. May not  till my end. I really dont feel bad for it..

But after I started asking myself several times what are my likes and dislikes, I can now list a few..
My Likes
My favourite pass time :Photography & Knitting
My faourite Music: Illayaraja songs-preferably 80s
My favourite beverage : Filter Coffee
My favourite Singer : Shreya Ghosal, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle,karthik
My favourite Carnatic Singer : Aruna Sairam, Sudha Raghunathan
My favourite politician : J Jayalalitha- a very strong administrator..(wrt Tamil Nadu only)
My favourite place : Ledges State Park, Iowa.. I love to sit on the single rock up on the trail and love to sit and watch the river all day...
My lifetime strong wish/like/ambition : To start a school in my mom's name and have free education for people who could not afford..

My Dislikes
Music Director/Singer : Himesh Reshamiyaa
Politician : Kalaingar Karunanithi

Finally, I could list my likes and dislikes..

I couldn't list my dislikes more than that.. I strongly feel I have very less dislikes because, that was my dad's way of teaching from my childhood!!! He always insisted and made sure that we should like everything and never say "I dont like this"!!!.. From food to dress to education, he always made sure we never say " I don't like it".. Donno if its right or wrong but it has never been wrong atleast for me...

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