I am neither a movie reviewer nor i like to. But this is the second time I am writing about movies.. I first heard about this movie on some Page 3 webpage. It said the movie was a tribute to yesteryear actress SriVidya. Something kept on saying me I should watch this movie. As not many superhit Malayalam movies are available online, I had to wait to watch this movie. During my trip to India last May,I had an opportunity to watch this movie. The first 10hrs was boring with no regional movies on the flight TV screen. Reached Belgium and after transit, it was Jet Airways. As most of  us know, apart from good flight journey, Jet Airways is famous for two things- Regional movies and good food. Well I wanted to choose the former.. It had a  good collection of regional movies and Thiraikatha was one among them. The movie was a feel good  movie and very emotionally close to heart.

Everything in this movie made me feel- What a movie!! But of all what still keeps running back in my mind is the deep  and strong concept of the movie- "Cancer". We might have seen in several movies abt blood cancer and all the types of cancer. But this movie was certainly different from others. It had everything in it given in a subtle way and right proportion too.. Everytime I see the lead character, I remember my mom.I wasn't mature enough then to understand what all she went through. The pain, the tolerance, I couldn't understand anything that time. All I knew was my mom was sick. I didnt even know that she had cancer till that night when I saw her for the last time.I still remember,even on her last day, when I left for my school, I could see her hiding all her pain and smiling at me and sending me off to school. All my emotions cannot be filled with words here...

Coming back to this movie, very well written thiraikatha..and very well directed. Also came to know from newspapers that the lead actress missed a National Award just because she did not dub her own voice. But still she deserves a great applause for acting very well..

A common person like me who watches movies just for entertainment finds no mistake in this movie, maybe a movie critic might. I personally feel everything that the director wanted to convey is  shown clearly. If you like to watch a good movie, I strongly recommend this movie.. This movie will certainly find a place in my library,not for the sake of increasing my movie library count but for having one great movie in my collection.. I wish I buy a DVD of this movie soon,.
10/30/2009 06:27:03 am

hey u have written it well... And I dont want to say more and sound it difficult for both of us.. I havent watched the movie as I too dint get it online...anywyas I will definitely put this on my wish list ! :) tahnks di laavi

10/30/2009 10:37:37 pm

thanks di ancha.. i just want to buy a DVD of this movie.. I felt it was very well taken.

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