In school I used to hate those classes which had huge amout of homeworks and  handwriting assignments. In college, writing the assignment and laboratory record notebooks , all those always made me feel only one thing, when will I ever get rid of these. Enough of pencil &  pen. let me have a easy way to do this.. Let me have a computer. But after finishing college it was just computer and more computer and no writing in a small notebook.. Not even an everyday diary writing...

After few years, I just took a small 90pages notebook and tried to write few of my memories in my mother tongue.. Damn it, I totally forgot how to write.. For a minute I was searching for characters in my mind.. Have I become that bad? Writing in Tamil using all those software available, literally made me out of touch to write it on a piece of paper.. The comfort has made the easy things more uncomfortable..

I always feel anything written by hand has been conveyed more powerfully  compared to typing it on a keyboard..But in this electronic world, if I still keep writing on a paper, my work is less  recognized. But comfort is always available in this modern world. For example a graphic tablet  pen  or a tablet notebook! Initially it was lil difficult to write. But now, I have learnt how to use it after few hours of practice. But still lit unhappy that the software does not support any Indian language as of now, So continuing to write in English..
1/17/2010 12:14:39 am

Even I can't write on paper because when I make any mistake it is easier to erase it and rewrite if I am using computer but on paper it isn't that tidy.
Anyways, nice post. :)

1/17/2010 03:13:31 am

Thanks Nethra..:)

But trust me,after years of not writing, if u start writing again u will enjoy it more than u used to when u were in school/college..leaving the untidy part.. :)

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